Working in the language business for so many years we've collected a bug amount of typical questions, that our customers usually ask us.

Here's a top 5  list of the most popular ones!

Q: What does the price of 1 page's translation depends upon?

A: Usually, the rate depends on 3 factors:

- Urgency of a translation - that meaning a 24-hour timeframe will be considered "urgent' and will be pricier than our regular 1 week schedule...

- Language - e.g. Occitan will cost 2x times more per page, than the German or Italian, just like every other rarely used language...

- Text's difficulty level - as assessed by our chief editors

Q: What the price for live interpretation is based on?

A: Basically, when it comes to interpreters, their fee is based upon an hourly rate.

That means, that each live interpreter who is our regular worker or a part-time freelancer will tell you his or her specific hourly wage.

Q: How many languages do you offer for translating?

A: All of them! That's not a joke or a cute phrase. With our in-house staffers covering 348 languages altogether, and with more than 555 languages already involved if you count freelance projects, we have them all! So, if the language is in existence and there are at least few native speakers of it in the US, be sure that we will be able to translate it for you!

Q: Did you localize any big-name games, software, SaaS?

A: Sure. We've localized a list of Ubisoft and Nintendo video games.

Also, big tech corporations like Yahoo; Oracle & Microsoft also hired us at some point.

Please contact us via an email for a more detailed list of our recent localization projects!

Q: Do you work just with technical translations or with fiction as well?

A: Thanks to our unique and successful experience with video games localizations, we've also begun translating fiction literature recently.